secondary school teacher who teaches fixed and flexible exchange rates while writing haiku . so humble that he does not want to use i and capital letters . he lives in a far corner of the north eastern india . genetically a mongoloid by look and food . he speaks a tibeto-burman language known as ‘meiteilon’ or manipuri . writing is his passion since childhood . in his college years , he accidentally found a copy of the book , ” the wind cannot read ” , by Richard Mason in the public library (burnt down for some protest, built up a newer one with lesser old classic novels and poetries).
the title page  quotes the poem from which the title is taken and is written below

“Though on the sign it is written:
‘Don’t pluck these blossoms’ —
it is useless against the wind,
which cannot read.”

the novel and the quote intrigued him and later he knew the quote was a haiku . this gradually motivated him in his later years of writing haikus . nowadays he writes haikus every day and night .

28 thoughts on “About

  1. Charley

    another secondary school teacher who teaches — under the powers that be’s radar — how to make magic from words. not harry potter magic… at least not directly. loves your found haiku, “the wind cannot read.” haiku magic.

  2. delphini510

    Hi Milan, lovely t have found your blog. I really love the Haiku you chosen and
    will copy it among favourites.
    Thanks for your follow, you are most welcome and I will now study you ur log.

  3. Megan

    Wow.. this is probably the best About page I’ve ever visited! Great intro and I look forward to your magical haikus!

  4. rudraprayaga

    Milan, it is nice of you that you didn’t bury your passion amidst the busy engagements of job as well as day to day chores. All your haiku are meaningful.I have read them earlier.


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