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unfurl your wings Nora Divino 

What we seek in life is beauty – the beauty of achieving a goal , the beauty of a promised morning sunlight , the beauty of understanding a deep rooted philosophy , the beauty of a subject well learnt , the beauty of a newly born infant, the beauty of a fulfilled mission ,…..and as you said …the beauty of a day which will make you and the people around you peaceful , the beauty of a clear mind or atmosphere etc. , the beauty of cleanness of moral or innocence , the beauty of purity of heart and soul , the beauty of a silent evening filled with only the sound of the wind and the flowing water ….

Kahlil Gibran once said “” we live only to discover beauty , all else is a form of waiting “”, Unfurl the wings to soar .. it’s time for the journey and its beauty .

photo (you tube , Nora Divino , singer & model ).

words : milan rajkumar




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