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Carpe Diem #1283 On Our Way Home

 there in my thatched homesteadwith a pinewood chip’s flickering light

my homemaker would be waiting with

a bowl of rice and stewed mustard leaves 

and a few roasted dry fish beside the bowl

she would be waiting in the twilight.
by the hillside after a day’s farm work 

with a smile on her wrinkled face 

she would be dreaming of her long gone youth 

how she would yarn my arduous courting 

when i reach my warm hearth by the hillside 

among the singing bamboo groves.
though this eve is chilling and cruel 

i return with her memories surrounding me 

my loincloth though threadbare keeps me warm

my attention arrested by the venus in the sky 

my chapped lips shivering in the darkness 

i murmur to myself – i am coming back my love .
© milan rajkumar

6 jan 15.


her pink cheeks 

glows like a chipped pine torch 

homecoming . 


photo ( subir ningthouja) and words : 


milan rajkumar 

    Carpe Diem #1283 On Our Way Home