Departure #1 to #22 (Autumn Retreat – Departure)

a melancholic strain
from the far west echoes
hills of the east .

Tournesol dans un Jardin - Waka

I am way behind as I just noticed this prompt, Autumn Retreat – Departure for CDHK today looking at stunning poetry by Kim and Milan. So I decided to try and play catch up. July 15th to August 5th would be 22 submissions listed herein below.

Departure #1 growing up (tanka)

departing anew
kissing my children
leaving for work
returning to faces transformed
growing pains hurt mothers too

Departure #2 a mother’s love (senryu)

My mother always said that God loaned me to her for eighteen years to love, nurture and prepare me to leave the family nest and start my own independent life.

letting go
with love
a mother’s true love

Departure #3 dementia (tanka)

each day
she asks me
do I know you?
year after year
saying goodbyes

Departure #4 hanging on (tanka)

even when you leave
your fragrance lingers
until next spring
I`ll still wait…

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