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zen and the monsoon 

the monsoon rain is heavy this year .many places in the valley are flooded .the weather is cold and lifeless.  the roads and fields are deserted . flood affected people have to stay in relief camps with rationed food and light . they have to be separated from their cozy homes which are submerged upto neck . even the creepy crawlies came out from their safe havens  …their hopes for a better place for winter hibernation abandoned . 

a wind blowned maculata caterpillar hastily hops for a safer place at such moment …! a few days back , it must have been enjoying the summer sun on a leaf of pumpkin or bottle gourd dreaming of a cozy cocoon when winter comes . but what a day . 

here is my attempt for a classical zen haiku with the caterpillar as a kigo (summer, in this case) and the onji which is perfect , i think . the theme is of course nature without an ” i ” . the first and third line are interchangeable . but you have to kindly examine whether there is a kireji and a  spiritual, Zen-Buddhistic layer / meaning in it or not . 
on a blade of grass 

a caterpillar crawls on –

winter’s warm cocoon . 

photo and words 
milan rajkumar


 Carpe Diem Writing and Enjoying Haiku #3 classical haiku