Have you ever been on your rooftop just to get some internet connection through your dongle ( wireless modem) . Well I did a few years back and if somebody saw me at that instant they would surely say that I am a burglar . Let me tell you about it .

It was a midsummer night (I like Shakespeare ) and I was planning to upload some poetries and haiku’s . I am very passionate about haiku and that was the main reason for creeping above my rooftop silently with my laptop and dongle ( we also called it a datacard , I dont know what others call it ) .

I looked up at the starry sky for a little inspiration . Wow , what a night !!! This is the right time for writing ! The laptop was not so heavy and I knew why they called a laptop a laptop . It is best suited when you put it on your lap . Sitting on a small wooden stool , I opened the magic tool . Thanks to Bill Gates for his Microsoft words . I started writing a few lines with a smirk on my face . After some time , I plugged​ in the ‘ datacard ‘ and – ” voila ” !!! , the internet signal was there . I started opening some sites , copied and pasted  the ” masterpiece ” haiku and was about to upload it when suddenly Bill Gates messaged me ,

There is no Internet connection 

Try : 

     . Checking the network cables , modem , and router

. Reconnecting to Wi- Fi

      , Running Windows , Network Diagnostics (in blue) 


I was flabbergasted . And to my amazement , Bill also added a black & white graphic dinosaur video game of the 19th century so as not to make me angry . the dinosaur , a T Rex model , (I think) must run the desert and not touch the cactii on the way . If it touched , the game strated afresh . I also liked the humour of Bill with his game of a T Rex which roams the desert in search of meat and which is afraid of cactii with its scaly skin .   I felt like throwing the datacard and the laptop to the old pond with a wooshing sound ( no pun intended) . 

At that moment I wrote this poem and bumbled down to my room.

O my old ugly data card
you , I will someday discard

from my open rooftop
plucking out from my laptop

somewhere out there
no matter what you are

I would not regret
but too  easily forget

without any remorse
for you are coarse

your profile is not so high
as  my friends are on wifi

just because I love you

do not act like a shrew

lets work like a team
forget your scheme .

milan rajkumar .




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