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shallow lake

cool shallow lake

shalI i take a dip

without golden leafage .

photo and words
milan rajkumar 

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai Autumn Retreat 2017 “departure”


the daily post 


it was late summer of last year when we went for a picnic at Andro , an ancient village of my native place . there was a small and shallow man made lake near the picnic spot which is at the foot of the hills . the water was so clean since it has been trickled down from the nearby hills . the urge of dipping in the clear crystalline water was irresistible . but it is restricted . my imagination was- how much the  beauty of the lake would be enhanced if there are some autumn leaves floating here and there in the lake….

 and thus I have to be satisfied with the above haiku . 

hot night 

is autumn already here ?

dry shell of a dragonfly . 

photo and words : 
milan rajkumar 

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai Autumn Retreat 2017 “departure”



it was last summer that I accidentally saw this dead dragonfly on a hibiscus plant beside the kitchen garden . it was well hidden beside the money plant (in other parts of the world it is known by different names , devil’s ivy , taro ivy etc.) . 

I was deeply moved by the way it stuck to the hibiscus . It’s only in poetry or haiku that I hear about dragonfly shell , cicada shell etc . but that night I saw it with my own eyes . I had to capture this moment . So here it is . 

no editing of any form was done in this photo .