the shepherd

am I a lotus

the shepherd asks out loud

a restless thought .

 your mind is the jewel in the lotus

Milarepa sings from the valley .

how can i understand

the mind which is like a firefly

it blinks and then , nothing .

it will take you to places , yet

you will be at home , Milarepa sings

tell me Milarepa

why fear when winter comes

i am a shepherd .

is not your  life a Maya

are you a sepherd ?

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 Carpe Diem Theme Week “The Songs of Milarepa” (3) The Shepherd

6 thoughts on “the shepherd

  1. Tournesol

    Beautifully written, Milan. I know very well the term of Maya but had not learned this word in Sanskrit. It is a good reminder of also being genuine. When I was a youth, I learned that many churchgoers in our Catholic Church did not practice Christianity as it should be. Once out of that building they gossiped and went on with life in their glass houses. I learned then that the real practice of compassion is not going to a building once a week but to walk the talk (prayers) every moment of your life. Your poem inspired many wondered thoughts, thank you. Cheryl-Lynn

    1. milan rajkumar Post author

      Thank you too Cheryl ! I always feel the sense of spiritualism between us ! You know people go to the temple and pray like anything ,yet our country is one of the most corrupted one . See the irony !!! Thank you
      It’s a work of pure imagination and I wrote it in the form of three tankas …..knowing oneself or one’s mind is the first step to enlightenment ,…. Kristjaan started a journey I love most !

      1. Tournesol

        Actually my spirituality has blossomed (or revived) since I have been writing and that same year through a poet who lives in Amma’s ashram in Kerala introduced me to his mom who lives in America. She told me about Amma and I went to a retreat in Toronto during her North American tour. Mata Amritanadamayi (Amma) is also known as the hugging saint…her embrace felt like my grandmother had come back to take care of me. Through my blogging I have been blessed meeting such wonderful people that have helped me grow. Om Namaha Shivaya. Have a great week, Milan.

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