Will you remember my love?

Romilla Akham

Your eyes look at me

With such indifference.

Sometimes with eagerness

And your arms stretch out for me

Like you know my love.

I think of ways

To get your attention.

You need not try

To get the affection

As much as I tried.

Not only your waking hours

You look adorable

But even in your sleep.

I ask you dear,

Will you remember

The love and attention

That I shower on you

When you grow up

Without any photos

Or people telling you

As a proof?

Many will be wishing

That you remember

All the affection.

Is it too much?

I will blame nothing

For you will love

Someday too

As much as I do.

As much as we do.

After all you are,

Just a baby

Who will turn one

Who is yet to learn

About yourself

Your existence

Your essence.

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