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the little boy  

in the old lama’s chamber

picks up his belongings ;

guardian monks open the door 

of the chamber only today . 

photo (web)

Carpe Diem #1209 reincarnation the Tibetan Vision


the shepherd

am I a lotus

the shepherd asks out loud

a restless thought .

 your mind is the jewel in the lotus

Milarepa sings from the valley .

how can i understand

the mind which is like a firefly

it blinks and then , nothing .

it will take you to places , yet

you will be at home , Milarepa sings

tell me Milarepa

why fear when winter comes

i am a shepherd .

is not your  life a Maya

are you a sepherd ?

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 Carpe Diem Theme Week “The Songs of Milarepa” (3) The Shepherd