my trembling hand
touched the virtual photo 
memories long gone
even forgotten
along with the sands of time
crept up my spine
that feeling of suffocation
returned back like a ghost
making me shy
like a teenager again
upon my bald forehead
wrinkled hands made a hairdo
as if the angelic deep eyes are
looking at me once more
i smile back and whispered
i am flabbergasted .

(c) milan rajkumar

5 thoughts on “memories

    1. milan rajkumar Post author

      Thanks Cheryl ! I am thinking of writing haiku again ! Have you ever experienced “moments when you can’t write anything at all ….?” don’t now why , I can’t ….anything lately .. RSVP

      1. Tournesol

        Yes, I have had weeks of near to no inspiration…it is as if life happened and writing was intruding. Usually it was the other way around. I can go days or weeks and then I am elated when my muse dictates 4 or 5 in a row. This past year has been like that. I don’t like to force it and I don’t feel it should be forced. Life fills us with other preoccupations. Also, lately I like to walk and admire nature, soak it up and not share it in writing all the time…just embrace it. I always enjoy your writing, Milan.

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