Monthly Archives: April 2017


my trembling hand
touched the virtual photo 
memories long gone
even forgotten
along with the sands of time
crept up my spine
that feeling of suffocation
returned back like a ghost
making me shy
like a teenager again
upon my bald forehead
wrinkled hands made a hairdo
as if the angelic deep eyes are
looking at me once more
i smile back and whispered
i am flabbergasted .

(c) milan rajkumar

those are the days

those are the days
when we climbed up the pear trees
to pluck the fruit
when they are still young
and fresh like maidens

those are the days
when we are still on our half-pants
forgetful of everything
books ,age , and pains
only the elixir of boyhood

those are the days
when we are fillled with euphoria
endorphine guiding us after school
with our bicycles and
bags full of dog eared textbooks

those are the days


when we swam stark naked
on the roaring spring river
drying ourselves with our loincloths
living our own lives .

(c)milan rajkumar
photo : Subir Ningthouja