Monthly Archives: December 2016

whistling puppets

photo (web)

They are not whistle blowers
but they sell whistles
to those who do not know
what whistles are
or how to blow them
loud and clear ,to the right tune

yet they go on selling
whistles made of broken bones
which they have collected
from chopped heads and limbs
of helpless villagers
whom they met on their hunting trips

they do not know
that they are spell bounded
by the devil himself
who had once promised
a purgatory bliss
for the price of the whistles

some puppets on strings
blow their whistles
which give an eerie sound
to the hilltops
and echo back to the nearby valleys
awakening children

everything falls apart
the whistle sellers laugh and dance
they think they have eaten
half of the moon, not knowing
there is a lunar eclipse
in the village almanac tonight .

© Milan rajkumar