the boy and the dragonfly

Carpe Diem Tokubetsudesu #80: Memory Lane: Utabukuro (or poem bag)

dragonflies are very common in our native place . sometimes they will ” wash ” their tails on streams and lakes . when we were young we put a string and a piece of paper in a dragonfly’s tail and watched it fly .
A few months back I saw a dried dragonfly ‘s shell clutching a dried  hibiscus branch ….. ! I was shocked …. and suddenly remembered why one of my favourite poetess Chiyo-ni wrote about her departed son using the dragonfly as a kigo .

I wonder in what fields today
He chases dragonflies in play
My little boy who ran away

© Chiyo- no


photo ( my pic )

dried dragonfly shell
lulls the departed boy
playground of heaven

milan rajkumar


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