Prayer for rain

Carpe Diem #961 prayers for rain

above parched earth
one hundred and eight cow’s milk
the prayer for rain

Since time immemorial, the traditional prayer ritual to invoke rain was observed under different nomenclatures from time to time.  108 cows were milked at the Govindajee’s temple in a move to invoke rain to combat the last drought in Manipur (1998-99).

The titular king of Manipur praying for rain
There is a belief that rainfall will automatically start within 24 hours once such a prayer is conducted. Similarly, exactly after a week, a group of devotees performed the milking of cows at the historic Shri Shri Govindajee Temple complex as per the Manipuri belief to invoke rain. A Member of Legislative Assembly  in the ministry and Vice-Chairperson of Shri Shri Govindajee Temple Board Manipur who led the rain invoking prayer cum milking session said, “We perform this as per our belief in view of the drought like situation in our state.”……
“My son, we have so far performed such prayers twice in my 60 years of temple life,” says 86 year old Ksh Anganghal, Keibungba, a key member of the temple informed.

( an abstract from an article by Sobhapati Samom )


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