‘ tonight ‘

tonight i shall read you
like a book of poetry
slowly ,ever so slowly
word by word line by line
unfolding delicately
the pages of your heart
with my weather beaten hands

your beauty will flow tonight
like a rhythmic verse
mingling with my senses
provoking feelings
wild and unattended
i shall laugh and cry
at the rhyming curves
of your celestial body

hour after hour tonight
i shall sing your beauty
like the quatrains of rubaiyat
looking at your wine – filled eyes
till the wick of earthen lamp dies
till dawn breaks with
a satisfied consummation

© milan rajkumar
20 nov 14

in her remembrance
a poem of white spring lilies
with my broken brush


photo ( my pic )




16 thoughts on “poem

      1. Oliana

        I often reread older poems and reposting them is a great idea since many readers may not have read such treasures and it is a reminder, for me, to start collecting my favourite poems (haiku first) on both my blogs to eventually publish…even if it is just to leave something to my close friends and children.

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