plum blossoms

Carpe Diem #951 blossom

soft and delicate
yet strong against the spring rain-
wild plum blossoms


photo ( my pic )



12 thoughts on “plum blossoms

  1. Cheryl-Lynn

    So true, they are strong…my father-in-law loved his plum tree. No cherry trees near me here but I look forward to apple blossoms in May, My son has 5 apple trees in his backyard and lives in Rougmont (an area known for many apple orchards).

    1. milan rajkumar Post author

      I love them , those plum blossoms …just like your father in law ! But no apple blossoms except in the hill area ! It must be wonderful for your son to live in Switzerland ! my dream place , or is it in Canada ?

  2. kim881

    Lovely, Milan. You’ve reminded me to take a look at the plum tree in our garden – no blossom yet, but your haiku is a little blossom to keep me going until it does. 🙂


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