new year’s day

Carpe Diem #949 companionship

Its 12.01 a.m. right now . this means today , the 8th of April is the new year’s day in our lunar calendar . there is going to be grand feasts in every households . later on , people will climb nearby hillocks where there are pagan shrines .


at night youngsters will dance( holding each others hands , making a chain or chains ) which is known as ” thabal chongba ” ( dancing in the moonlight )   . remembering my youth and my friends  , here is my attempt for the prompt ” companionship ” .


photo ( my pic )

a robe and straw hat
writing haikus with my friends
iris smell wakes me up

( German iris , local name ‘kombirei ‘ , is offered to the sylvans , deities of the woods for a prosperous new year along with the different dishes of the day  . that’s why I use the iris flower in this haiga. )


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