Shiva a “Yugen “

Carpe Diem #948 brush

Today’s Haiku Writing Technique is known as “Yugen ”  . In the words of Kristjaan

“Yugen is usually defined as “mystery” and “unknowable depth”. Somehow Yugen has avoided the controversy of Wabi and Sabi. But since deciding which haiku exemplifies this quality is a judgmental decision, there is rarely consent over which verse has it and which does not. One could say a woman’s face half-hidden behind a fan has Yugen. The same face half-covered with pink goo while getting a facial, however, does not. But still, haiku poets do use the atmosphere as defined by Yugen to make their words be a good haiku by forcing their readers to think and to delve into the everyday sacredness of common things.”
Here is an example of a “yugen-haiku” by Basho:

Souvenir paintings
what kind of brush first drew
the image of Buddha

© Basho (Tr. Jane Reichhold)

its something challenging , and we have to dig deep down in our subconscious mind for our own Yugen .
as soon as I read the prompt , an idea of Yugen struck my mind . its like a déjà vu .
following the path of the master , Basho , here is my attempt for a Yugen moment ;


photo ( my pic )

on the gold plate
cannabis and vermilion
night of Shiva

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