the bridal dress

Carpe Diem #947 grass pillow

Our host Kristjaan explain an introductory in this Haiku Writing Technique ,
“As Jane says about this haiku writing technique: “It is questionable whether this is actually a writing technique, but the concept is so vital to Asian poetry that it needs to be included”.

Sabi refers to the passing of time, which creates a feeling of sadness, longing and melancholy. It’s about transient imagery, how things convey how they’ve lived – their age, their knowledge. Sabi by itself refers to the natural progression of time, and carries with it an understanding that all things will grow old and become less conventionally beautiful. However, things described as “sabi” carry their age with dignity and grace. At the heart of being “sabi” is the idea of authenticity.”
Here is my attempt of sabi , following the path of the master , Basho .

weather beaten hands
repairs the bride’s wedding dress
such dexterity



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