a sad song in spring

Carpe Diem #943 flute

pining for flowers
or a tune from Gichiku
Mount Yoshino

© Basho (Tr. Jane Reichhold)

In this haiku Basho uses the so called “honki-dori” or “literary references” technique. It’s one of the ways writers had of elevating their status by linking their verses to another famous person (or place).
In the above haiku Basho refers to Gichiku.
Gichiku, known as Tozaburo, was a popular flute player in Basho’s time whose hit song had the title of “Yoshino”, the mountain most famous for its cherry trees and deep snows. The idea was that when the flowers bloomed there would be parties, flute playing would be at its best.

well , following the path of the master , Basho , here is my attempt to heighten this technique

cold night of spring
with Celine on Titanic
my hear will go on


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