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Carpe Diem #941 Heart

The haiku writing technique of today is Creating New Words

tanabata no awanu kokero ya uchuten

for the Star Festival*
even when hearts cannot meet

© Basho (Tr. Jane Reichhold)

In the above haiku by Basho we find a “new created word” by him. This “new word” is ‘uchuten’. It’s a compound word made by Basho incorporating “rain in the middle of heaven” and ecstasy.

In the words of Kristjaan , ” …one finds out, even in a language as rich as English, that there are not enough words to explain or name everything. The writer / poet must either find images for these unnamed states of being or make up a new word.”

Following the path of the master , Basho ;  here is my attempt to create a few new words .

blogpond’s poekuists
stanga after stanga read
byeku’s of winter .

© milan rajkumar


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