Carpe Diem #940 blossom

this time we have to use para -rhyme in our Haiku Writing Technique . Kristjaan our host is going to introduce “kasuri” or “frame rhyme”.

In the words of Kristjaan , ” this technique, used by the two haikai schools in vogue in Basho’s time (Teimon School and Danrin School), was also utilized in English poetry, where it was also known as the “para-rhyme”. An example would be back – buck. This rhyming device had almost completely fallen out of practice in poetry but was recently revived in rap-music. ‘

Its a challenging one , but nevertheless we have to use our skill along with our poetic mind for this prompt .
Hence , following the path of the master, Basho  , here is my attempt :

with butterflies
the small rivulet flows
sea with dear fellows

( third line has a flaw )


photo ( my pic )



13 thoughts on “rivulet

      1. Cheryl-Lynn

        My dreams change every day since I realize so many every day that had slipped my mind…life has a way of offering precious moments that feel like a dream come true.

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