Carpe Diem Special #202 Basho’s Disciples: Shiba Sonome’s “nobody sees”

For this Haiku Writing Technique ,
today’s poetess was also a disciple of Basho and being that she also was part of Basho’s Shoomon School.
when I do some digging , I found this from the World Kigo Database ;
‘ While Matsuo Basho visited her estate in 1694,
he wrote about her

shiragiku no me ni tatete miru chiri mo nashi

gazing intently
at the white chrysanthemums —
not a speck of dust

Here Basho is complementing the host (Sonome), represented by the white chrysanthemums, by stressing the flower’s and, by implication, Sonome’s purity.

Haruo Shiranein

as a tribute to Sonome and following the path of the master, Basho

on her pink gown
she looks like a lotus
pure and fragrant





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