temple’s gong

Carpe Diem #938 Iris leaves

In the words of Kristjaan “The “pseudo-science” technique is very close to the paradox but has a slight difference. This technique demonstrates a distorted view of science – one we think is not true, but has the possibility of being true, ……
Again, this is an old Japanese tool that was used to make the poet sound simple and childlike but also to confound the reader.”
I live near the most sacred temple (at imphal,Manipur) of ‘Govindaji ‘ ( Krishna ) , the 8th Avatar of Hinduism .
and every morning we can hear the sound of the big gong of the temple .  the sound and its vibration suddenly strikes my mind and that is how i attempt ‘The pseudo science technique of writing a haiku ‘ using this idea .
Here is my attempt following the path of the master, Basho .

temple’s gong
resonates the spring blossoms
ripples on my water bowl .



2 thoughts on “temple’s gong

  1. Suzanne

    How wonderful to live so close to a temple and to hear the gong sounding every morning. Your haiku is very profound.


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