rudaali / a humour

Carpe Diem #937 Robe

This is a tough challenge to me . natural elements could not help me . in the words of Kristjaan ,  “… even though the hai of haiku means “joke, or fun, or unusual”, there are still writers who frown when they encounter a pun in three lines “.  nevertheless , here is my attempt following the path of the master, Basho .

professional mourners *
their looks at the pockets
bereaved family


photo ( web )


12 thoughts on “rudaali / a humour

  1. Suzanne

    I agree. This is a hard prompt. I am struggling with it too. Your haiku is very thought provoking and rather disconcerting. I haven’t heard of professional mourners before.

  2. kim881

    Yes, that’s something I would never have thought of,professional mourners, although I have heard of them . A succinct and thought-provoking pun, Milan.

  3. Bastet

    Nicely done … did you know that even in Italy in some communities down in the south the job of professional mourners exists to this day?

      1. Bastet

        I’ve always found it fascinating how cultures are so far apart and still have similarities … guess it shows us there is common ground there somewhere 😉

      2. milan rajkumar Post author

        Yes we approaching in the same target .
        exorcism / sylvans / ancient alien theory / crows and cats ( bad omen ) ….there are so many common grounds …parallelism in religions / angels and demons /
        the list is endless………..

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