71 thoughts on “safe

      1. randomthoughtsunderabluemoon

        There is a Lenape storyteller that we see every other year.
        He tells Lenape stories as we sit and listen around a roaring campfire at night on a chilly December evening.
        It is one of my many favorites that he tells.

      2. milan rajkumar Post author

        I have google it and what a wonderful fantasy …flat world …ferocious creatures …and we ,on the back of a tortoise …you are very lucky to get the chance of listening orally ! : )

      1. Majka

        My full name is Maria Rowe, Majka is my nickname ☺ and it means “mother” in Bulgarian language

      1. milan rajkumar Post author

        That’s what I was trying to tell you ! I press the same reply from my android !
        I am extremely sorry my friend ! Forgive me . kindly accept my apology !
        BTW you are too kind and thank you !

    1. milan rajkumar Post author

      You hide it with a word or idea and let the reader know that you are expressing the sense of safeness , and make it more beautiful ! πŸ˜‰
      By the way thank you for the kind comment ! You are very kind ! !

  1. Oliana

    I remember this lovely photo as it was during my birthday [smiles] photo sublime, and your haiku has a nice touch of humour. That is something amazing with haiku, in so little words, we can capture the beauty of nature and add a smile. Namaste, Cheryl-Lynn


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