a ” shashei ” moment

Carpe Diem #933 Rain

the technique of using “shasei ”  whereas ” The poetic principle is to depict the thing just as it is” is not an easy thing . for two days I tried to write in the above mentioned manner but I could not . as Chev. retold , Shiki wrote his haiku almost all with this “shasei”, but Shiki realised himself in 1893 that the overuse of this technique could produce many lacklustre haiku, so it should never be the only method employed in a haiku.


how true Shiki was , depicting as it is , in its simplicity is the most complex thing and I have to ponder , meditate wait for my idea fairy for and inspiring episode . why episode ? because I have to feel , hear see the moment of the ” shasei” 
then suddenly today ( 8 mar .) , something strikes my mind ; how about that episode where I stood awestruck in front of that deep deafening roaring waterfall ? that mesmerising  moment was a ” shasei ” moment ! the waterfall depicted to me the thing “just as it is ” in a grand way .
thanks to Chev. , if is not for his Carpe Diem #933 Rain , I may still remain not knowing this  technique .
“so as within so as without ”  , here is my attempt for a ” shasei ” haiku following the path of the master , Basho
sound of waterfall
deafens the cicada ‘s  chirp
ah ! it roars and roars


photo ( my pic )




4 thoughts on “a ” shashei ” moment

  1. Chèvrefeuille

    Awesome Milan … I like how you have described the way your haiku was created; it’s nice to read how you have followed a path to finally get that revelation of the waterfall being a shasei moment and you have created a beautiful shasei haiku …


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