Autumn’s colours

shades of red’s fall leaves
scooping palm full for its smell –
squirrels ‘  puzzled look  .


for ,
Carpe Diem Special #169 Autumn’s colors

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19 thoughts on “Autumn’s colours

  1. Cheryl-Lynn

    Ah so sweet!! I can almost imagine that puzzled look of the squirrel…maybe he wanted to get to his nuts under the leaves. Awesome photo…we are starting to get bright reds here now.

      1. Cheryl-Lynn

        It’s 14to 18C during the day but drops to 4C at night…so the daytime is still warm. Next week is Thanksgiving here in Canada and the forecast is still to stay in the high teens. That`s fun for the children to play outside.

      2. milan rajkumar Post author

        Ours is tropical place in India bordering Burma ! Right now its 20 to 24° c . a bit rainy ! Must be cold there at night ! Yet I prefer winter to summer .
        Thanks for sharing the info ….enjoy 🙂

      3. Cheryl-Lynn

        Oh my no!! 🙂 I have never been to India but have met Amma twice at a retreat here in Canada and would love to see her there. Maybe take the opportunity to visit a few other countries nearby

      4. Cheryl-Lynn

        I need to plant a trip to visit other areas…looking on the map I see I could visit other countries nearby Manipur as well. Ah, to have time and money to travel more!

    1. milan rajkumar Post author

      Yes aren’t we ? They must be thinking …” Sometimes they eat us ,sometimes they love us … Sometimes they burn a whole forest and this moron is smelling autumn leafage” …:)


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