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Ada's Poetry Alcove (2)

Haiku Horizons – Under

late summers evening
lying under the heavens
meteors dazzling


lying under clouds
breathing with the butterflies


oak spreads her branches
leaf shadows dance in sunlight
underneath we dream     


underneath the foliage
boisterous little bluebird
boldly praises day


under wisps of white 
seeds dangling as they ascend
blown dandelion

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laden with beauty
the china rose turns over
a paper lantern .


photo ( my pic )

for ,
Haiku Horizons prompt ‘ over ‘

Carpe Diem Special #198 Hamish Gunn’s 4th Petal lanterns

a nostalgic memory about petal lanterns came to my mind when I saw this prompt .

Some months back , I have written about paper / petal lanterns for a prompt ” over ” . and the similarity is so surprising ! I could not help but to submit my previous work of flowers resembling lanterns . hope you like it my dear friends !