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the monk

yu-kaze ya mizu ao-sagi no hagi wo utsu

An evening breeze:
water laps at the leg
of a blue heron .

Yosa  Buson ( 1716 – 1783 )

The above is the first hokku of a kasen composed by Buson, Saiba, Tairo and others on May 25, 1774, entitled “Evening Breeze”

I love this one the  most among the haikus of Buson  . The soothing evening breeze totally makes the heron bewitched or serene or whatever ,  that it does not mind the the water lapping  at its feet . On the other hand , as we know herons have a nature of standing still never minding its surroundings or what is happening around it . In fact among birds , herons are I think real zen monks . it lives moment to moment .
In my imagination they are ” dreaming ” of nostalgic memories .
Here is my tribute to Buson :

meditating monk –
one legged heron looks back
spring’s dream in winter .



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