A man of intelligence,I thought I was,full of wisdom and knowledge,
~~Of weathers and seasons ,of planetary motions and eclipses;~~
~~~~I laghed to those ,whom I thought lack of these things!~~~~~
~~~~~~Little did I know,that hunger comes first,before art~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~And not art before hunger,of food and wine!~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~Thoughts became painful,I longed for Him,~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~For the eternal bliss of Nirvana;~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The solitude of the monk,~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~For it is I who was ,~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Wrong and~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Not ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The mass.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I cried like a babe!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Not knowing the world ,~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~And for not understanding love,~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~Compassion ,and humanity ,in detail;~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~I travelled, far and wide in search of all these~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~Things, with an empty receptacle clasped in my palm~~~
~~~~~~For the fountain that should give the never ending solutions of~~
~~~~All the these worldly things ;but could not find such a thing ,I was weary;~
~~~And I drank a cup of water from my ewer ; and I knew ,it was  all within me .~~

© milan rajkumar

monk 2

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