homeward bound

some returned from their pilgrimages
some went for to seek their destiny
i , along with them silently drifted along
the dark murky river ,homeward bound
sitting near the creaky stern
of the old amenable boat .

i could not answer the queries
that the boat asked every now and then
why and where and for whom did i traverse
like a ghost , hollow inside ,soulless
but deep inside , i said to myself
i had no beginning and no end ,like the river

i oftentimes looked at the banks
caring for each other yet never meeting
supporting lives inside their common womb
like the sun and the earth yielding to each other
producing offsprings with their light and soil
and how it reminded me of her .

© milan rajkumar
01 oct 14

(Subir Ningthouja ‘s prompt)
photo credit> Subir Ningthouja
subir's pic

© milan rajkumar
01 oct 14


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