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A man of intelligence,I thought I was,full of wisdom and knowledge,
~~Of weathers and seasons ,of planetary motions and eclipses;~~
~~~~I laghed to those ,whom I thought lack of these things!~~~~~
~~~~~~Little did I know,that hunger comes first,before art~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~And not art before hunger,of food and wine!~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~Thoughts became painful,I longed for Him,~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~For the eternal bliss of Nirvana;~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The solitude of the monk,~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~For it is I who was ,~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Wrong and~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Not ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The mass.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I cried like a babe!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Not knowing the world ,~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~And for not understanding love,~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~Compassion ,and humanity ,in detail;~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~I travelled, far and wide in search of all these~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~Things, with an empty receptacle clasped in my palm~~~
~~~~~~For the fountain that should give the never ending solutions of~~
~~~~All the these worldly things ;but could not find such a thing ,I was weary;~
~~~And I drank a cup of water from my ewer ; and I knew ,it was  all within me .~~

© milan rajkumar

monk 2

i shall be waiting

i shall be waiting
inside the Bedouin tent
for your return
with the perfume
of the desert in your sweat

like the oasis
i shall quench your thirst
you will smile then
and dance one more
in the rhythm
of the warriors drum

i shall be waiting

© milan rajkumar
19 dec 14

prompt : Ninarita Jj


the creek

you were my best friend
out there in the wilderness
when we we were small
as you strive to become
a bigger body

time passes by as you flow
you have fulfilled your dream
and i cant run after you
with these creaking bones
i am only a mere mortal

now , people admire you
for your beauty
for your looming prowess
and i went to the past
while you were a small creek

© milan rajkumar
21 dec 14

Subir Ningthouja ‘s prompt

photo > Subir Ningthouja

subir's pic


homeward bound

some returned from their pilgrimages
some went for to seek their destiny
i , along with them silently drifted along
the dark murky river ,homeward bound
sitting near the creaky stern
of the old amenable boat .

i could not answer the queries
that the boat asked every now and then
why and where and for whom did i traverse
like a ghost , hollow inside ,soulless
but deep inside , i said to myself
i had no beginning and no end ,like the river

i oftentimes looked at the banks
caring for each other yet never meeting
supporting lives inside their common womb
like the sun and the earth yielding to each other
producing offsprings with their light and soil
and how it reminded me of her .

© milan rajkumar
01 oct 14

(Subir Ningthouja ‘s prompt)
photo credit> Subir Ningthouja
subir's pic

© milan rajkumar
01 oct 14