samban lei sekpil

sky scaling branches
unattended trunk looks up
worry filled days

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Samban-Lei Sekpil is the world’s tallest topiary. Created by Moirangthem Okendra Kumbi, it is modelled in the shape of a series of open umbrellas and spheres.

Moirangthem started mending the Samban-Lei in 1983, originally planted by his sister in a small mustard oil can. Samban-Lei is a flowering shrub use for fencing gardens in ManipurSamban means fencing and Lei means flower in Manipuri language. Sekpil indicates the shape of the topiary and is derived from an ancient Manipuri word for a decorative bamboopost with rounded structured cloths forming canopy in many stages. The sekpil, at present also called as “Shattra” is generally used in worship and festivals in Manipur.


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24 thoughts on “samban lei sekpil

  1. Cheryl-Lynn

    Beautiful ku but so sad to see its life decline. I hope they get funding soon. It was first planted in a mustard can in 1981, that is when my daughter was born. Thank you for showering us with awareness with your poetry.

    1. milan rajkumar Post author

      thank you too Cheryl ! it holds guiness record too , hope my little message will reach someone kind enough for some fund !
      p.s. it is not related to me though from my native place !

  2. CuriositytotheMax

    Fascinating! I’m so glad you included the information. Not only does it lend a scaffolding for your haiku but is a metaphor for our unfounded fears we are all “unattended”.
    I love learning about worlds I’ve not been aware of – thank you!

  3. Leonas Lines

    Awesome Haiku relating to the story! Thank you for this Milan! It is interesting yet sad. I hope they get the funding needed to restore this beautiful plant’s life. I shared the story of it on my social networks to bring awareness.


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