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mixed thoughts

what is their message
the carves on the totem poles
train of mixed thoughts
(you will like this 360 degree image link)

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no space between hearts
which beat in the same rhythm
heralds the autumn>
mera houchongba

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o , come home swallow
the hut is waiting for you
vulture laden sky

(this one is dedicated to Sarita )


Biased decision against Sarita Devi Laishram in Asian Games 2014

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i am catching up ,

milan rajkumar

samban lei sekpil

sky scaling branches
unattended trunk looks up
worry filled days

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Samban-Lei Sekpil is the world’s tallest topiary. Created by Moirangthem Okendra Kumbi, it is modelled in the shape of a series of open umbrellas and spheres.

Moirangthem started mending the Samban-Lei in 1983, originally planted by his sister in a small mustard oil can. Samban-Lei is a flowering shrub use for fencing gardens in ManipurSamban means fencing and Lei means flower in Manipuri language. Sekpil indicates the shape of the topiary and is derived from an ancient Manipuri word for a decorative bamboopost with rounded structured cloths forming canopy in many stages. The sekpil, at present also called as “Shattra” is generally used in worship and festivals in Manipur.


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