why cut the wings off
they are already broken
hearts of the ‘nongin’ *

( Nongin, the State bird of Manipur
– Mrs. Hume Bar-tailed Pheasant — Syrmaticus humie humie )

Where are you “Nongin”? Part 1 :: RK Birjit

Where are you “Nongin”? Part 2 :: RK Birjit


18 thoughts on “cut

  1. Payal Agarwal

    With every haiku that you pen, I come to know a little more about Manipur. Never heard of this bird before. It’s so beautiful and sad to know it’s going to be extinct.

    1. milan rajkumar Post author

      you are very kind ! i love my native land more and more after roaming the rest of the world ….and what hidden treasures it unfolds ! its a paradise indeed !
      thank you ! hope one day you will visit my place Payal !

  2. Blog It Or Lose It

    Such a beautiful creature — and so sad that it is in such danger. In the US the bald eagle (national symbol) has been in danger but that’s because of habitat loss and pollution. Thank you for teaching us, Milan. 🙂


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