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golden leafage

my attempt :

in the pond

reflected trees and drifting leaves

– autumn’s last show                            (Suzanne)

earth embraces with cold hands

wisdom-filled golden leafage                (milan rajkumar)

for ,

Carpe Diem Tan Renga Challenge #48, Suzanne’s “autumn’s last show”


red hill

their bones still remain
consequence of mad war lords
Maibam Lokpa Ching *

* One of the historic places in Manipur, Maibam Lokpa Ching is famous for being the site where a fierce battle was fought between the Japanese Army and the British Army of the Allied force during World War II. Today, a peace memorial stands at this site and has become a major tourist attraction. With a properly manicured garden of green plants and flowers, this memorial site is located along the side of the Tiddim Road. Every year many Japanese visit the charming city of Imphal to pay homage to the soldiers of the unfortunate incident.(

Red Hill, Maibam Lokpa Ching

“There was much to dislike and despise about the way the Japs conducted the war, but no one who actually fought them on the battlefield could deny their courage and fighting prowess. For a week they had dug in and held that position under constant artillery and mortar fire, with no reinforcements nor supply of food or ammunition, and no succour for their wounded.

In the 1990s the All Burma Veteran Association of Japan, the equivalent of our Burma Star Association, with the support of the Japanese Government, obtained permission of the Indian Government to erect a memorial at Imphal, in memory of all the 190,000 Japanese dead in the whole Burma Campaign. The site chosen for this memorial was Red Hill, the nearest point to Imphal that the Japanese ever reached.” —John Randle from ‘Battle Tales from Burma’



heaven’s gateway

how rare the sight—
yellow blossoms brushing
the sky with light
underneath the Laburnum
I always will love her

my attempt :

how rare the sight—
yellow blossoms brushing
the sky with light
mesmerized eyelids’ kisses
a glimpse of heaven’s gateway             (milan rajkumar)
yellow 3




why cut the wings off
they are already broken
hearts of the ‘nongin’ *

( Nongin, the State bird of Manipur
– Mrs. Hume Bar-tailed Pheasant — Syrmaticus humie humie )

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