Monthly Archives: June 2014


leaves her comfort zone 
the mother of two children 
the conquering fists

© milan rajkumar




when i touch you

when i touch you 
i feel the life inside 
the heartbeat 
pulsating vibrantly
like a monsoon river
flowing wildly 
arousing the banks
with its soil and seeds
to multiply to thrive 
for greater heights
for the promise 
of the creator

when i touch you
you tremble 
like the leaves of grass
on a stormy day
wanting searching
for a shelter 
or a recluse 
not knowing 
the caring soil 
is grasping the roots
for the promise 
of the creator

when i touch you 
love blossoms
inside you …
you are afraid 
like a mountain orchid
for it might exude
its fragrance 
far and wide 
amidst darken souls and
enlighten bodies
yet you dont know
its my self 
who is touching you .

© milan rajkumar