monsoon driftwood rests
beside a mossy boulder
flowing river sighs

upon the driftwood
someone  has carved long ago
an arrow pierced heart

mossy boulder knows
the drifter who often carves
hearts pierced by arrows


for , haikuhorizons.wordpress.com/2014/05/25/haiku-horizons-prompt-drift/

28 thoughts on “drift

  1. neil fleischmann

    I like how these stick to the style of old school haiku and also break the rules a bit. I like the anthropomorphism and the link bewteen the second and third. Awesome!

    1. milan rajkumar Post author

      thanks Neil ! so kind of you ! i always try and love these ”anthropomorphism” … and i am a diehard for the old school haiku ,love the works of Basho and all /many thanks Neil


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