about a bee

amidst spring blossoms
a wandering unhived bee
rejected suitor

a cicada chirps
beholding a roaming bee
it is lonesome too

far flung peach blossom
beckons a heart broken bee
does it dream for wings




Carpe Diem’s “Little Creatures” #2, “I dreamed I was a butterfly” (Soshi)

for , http://haikuhorizons.wordpress.com/2014/05/18/haiku-horizons-prompt-fly/



51 thoughts on “about a bee

  1. Balqis (@Balqizss)

    Some of us might wish for wings. Some could fly higher, some might not, while some might end up with broken wings.

    The emotions in this Haiku is strong. Well-done, Milan! 🙂

  2. Leigh W. Smith

    These are excellent haiku, Milan. I especially love “unhived bee,” which is such an unconventional and, thus, unexpected phrasing. The loveliness of the longing here, the naturalness of loss/longing, and how two seemingly disparate life forms (bee and peach blossom, a very nice internal rhyme there, too!) can work together to keep the cycle of life going, are perfect for haiku — they are timeless and, yet, feel modern, too. Bravo!

    1. milan rajkumar Post author

      you are very kind Leigh ! i usually use anthropomorphism in my haikus ,for nature has abundant lessons for us to learn . all we have to do is be a part of it and portray what we feel in an usual /unusual way . thanks for visiting my blog ! salute !

  3. milan rajkumar Post author

    few years ago , I had a chance to write about little creatures in Carpe Diem haiku kai ….meanwhile a prompt flashed in Haiku Horizons … Fly . well it matched so well and I was inspired to write the above story in the form of haikus for both .

    trying to stick to the 575 syllables and attempting my best to be near with nature
    and its surroundings was exhausting yet challenging . when shall I master perfect Zen philosophical haikus – I thought to myself . perhaps never in this life . still I have to try to be near its domain . ….

    today Kristjaan provokes me to write or to “hunt ” from the archives anything …well presenting you for your kind perusal
    “about a bee ”

    with elated feelings for the splendour of haiku ,as the master wrote

    京にても / 京なつかしや / 時鳥
    Kyou nitemo / kyou natsukashi ya / hototogisu
    Even in Kyôto— / hearing the cuckoo’s cry— / I long for Kyôto .


  4. Forest Tinker

    Each one a classic – evoking many emotions. There is the heart of the gypsy in each. I would try to ‘separate’ them more with more white space between each, in order to permit more savouring od each experience.

  5. Cheryl-Lynn

    What lovely haiku…together they tell a story with such a powerful message and separately each one makes you reflect on the life lessons. I agree with Hamish…each one is classic…You are hard on yourself…each one, for me with a gentle scent of Zen.

  6. livebysurprise

    Interesting. I’ve been thinking about bees today because I heard on the radio that 1/3 of our food supply is a direct result of bees. That means if the bees disappeared we’d all be in trouble. So hopefully that little bee finds a home… 😉

  7. randomthoughtsunderabluemoon

    I LOVED them all! 🙂
    Each one conjured a different picture in my mind.
    Wonderful expressions from a bugs eye view.
    Keep up your wonderful poetry…
    They are a lovely imagination vacation away from the dreariness of a grey day. 😀

      1. randomthoughtsunderabluemoon

        Seriously Milan, I always enjoy your lovely poems and pictures alike. 🙂
        You let me have a wondrous peek into a place I will most likely never be able to visit in person.
        So thank you for sharing your thoughts, sites, and tastes.

        I still talk about a post of yours where you were highlighting a meal you were having eat. It looked amazing. 🙂

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