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never ending flight
in the wilderness of spring
the bird in the cage

sliced fruits and husked rice
while dreaming skyward soaring
tasteless luxury

a rest on the mast
along with the seafarers
tale of ancestors

for ,


the random entry… 
the flesh wraps the speck with pain 
ages with nacre 

monsoon tidal wave
places it on a sea shore
still another pain

the shell opens up
exhaling a south sea pearl
pain is forgotten

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an angel in a forest
looks up skyward in awe
the world, it seems
to her eyes a creation
unique and bountiful

ecstasy feels her being
when she sees the
northern Lights,a magic
a sign of her ancestors
giving love and light

she looks down upon
the soil ,the receptor
giving birth to entities
from the seeds of her
celestial forefathers

life must be beautiful here
she thinks treading
amongst the green mosses
and blows some stardust
from her little palms

she fantasizes about being born
as an earthling and sings
a few angelic songs
some of us can hear her voice
and some of us are a bit deaf .

milan rajkumar

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Haiku Horizons prompt “scrap”

piles of haiku scraps 
covers with dust of the past 
memory’s treasure 

nearby stream reflects 
sunshine’s scraps of light 
they are my haikus 

scraps of emotions 
layers by layers they float 
stream of memories 

milan rajkumar ,
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