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reflection of moon
dancing in the placid lake
my pen is useless.

Haiku Heights #319 – Useless


Carpe Diem Sparkling Stars #1, “Frogpond”




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I saw you last night in my sleepless dream,
Wearing a gown  woven with red  roses;
You looked  so innocent and prim,
just like your past  poses.

I  longed  for your  heart and soul, moaning,
 Forgetting that I was  abandoned;
You smiled to me, beckoning,
Cheerful and all adorned.

I woke up from that dreary  fitful  sleep,
Just to know , you were not there;
My heart moaned, I did weep,
 Knowing ,I could not bear.

Life as I later knew  , is  a short sweet  smile
Upon the cheek of time for a while !

rk milan.



a pair of bulbuls always plays in my courtyard
strutting, with their wings stretched outward,
picking up a crust, or a grain of rice, frolicking
dipping in the earthen pot, kept for their drinking.

every evening I wait for them, my palms full of grains
they are tamed enough ,and eat them without any strains;
as long as the pair is with me, my sadness are forgotten
on my lonely courtyard ,with flower roots which are rotten .

but today, when the greener one ,swiftly  swoops down
and gobbles on a blue pansy , mercilessly , I really frown;
I pick up the largest pebble ,and throw at the raptor
aiming straight, with an intention to kill, like a captor.

late at night, on my bed ,I lay thinking and my mind flies,
‘’it’s the law of nature, and the butterfly was happy before it dies’’.

milan rajkumar



O my old ugly data card
you , I will someday discard

from my open rooftop
plucking out from my laptop

somewhere out there
no matter what you are

I would not regret
but too  easily forget

without any remorse
for you are coarse

your profile is not so high
as  my friends are on wifi

just because I love you
do not act like a shrew

lets work like a team
forget your scheme .

milan rajkumar



the calling of the ancient voices
lingered in the thin air vaguely
haunting ceaselessly, eerily
waking me up from deep slumber.

the voices told their stories
one after another ,in my ears
some laughing and others sobbing
of their victories and their defeats .

they carried me to unfathomable pasts
showing me their deeds and worths
revealing me their origins and colours
making me understand who I am and why.

they passed me wisdoms of the ages
the secrets of my ancestors
the bloodline which I must preserve
the tasks I have to perform for that.

i took the vow in a grotesque way
chanting the words without any meaning
i woke up shivering and thought
did I really dream this dream?

milan rajkumar.



the light that shines upon me 
enlivening my inner self 
filling up my emptiness 
caressing my soul and spirit
creating a new me 
full of energy and love 
with its never ending 
ever giving warmth
and how i love this light
which glows inside me 
like the firefly of autumn
beautifying the surrounding
spreading words of wisdom
happily and merrily all around
wiping off the melancholia
taking out the doubts
leaving me in serenity 
a new heaven grant boon
for me and those lives 
whom i care and touch .

milan rajkumar