Monthly Archives: December 2013


i am inside just as i am outside
i am a part of you 
made of the same
element and molecules
so as within ,so as without
spirit and soul
like the petals of the same flower
basking in the light ethereal world
unknown to the common eyes
deeply and truly dwelling
on the lap of universe
we are connected somehow
one way or the other
till dust to dust
ashes to ashes
till we meet in the heavenly abode
sublime and sparkling
like the morning stars
we shall meet as matters
and antimatters
like the wounded lovers
by the arrow of cupid
yet we dance and laugh
knowing we live only once
like the butterflies
in the garden of eden
before Pandora open the box
ah! love and life
intermingled and laced
by the unknown forces
so divine ,yet so sad 
never did we worry
for autumn is our every season
in our lives
no winter can defeat
the pure and truthful yields
no swords can cut our
childhood’s boat sailing
through the chasm of fantasy
boats made of papers
putting our dreams
as passengers

milan rajkumar